Quinceanera Spanish Invitation Poems

New Quinceanera Poem – September 30, 2010

Posted on: September 29, 2010


Quinceanera Poems

All poems have been written by M. Shapiro.  Please drop us a note if you would like us to write a Quinceanera poem about something special.  Also, let us know or if you intend to use one listed here.  We would love to know which poems you like best and if you have any suggestions regarding our Quinceanera Poems

Sweet 15 Parent’s Prayer

There was a time not long ago
When you were more like me
My Momma cooking cookie dough
And Autumns fresh with apple trees

So much hope and shinning promise
On a magic carpet of fallen leaves
With my best friend Marie Gabrella
Discussing true love in which we both believed.

Hearing voices from the school grounds
As we turned down Brook Avenue
Then seeing such happy faces
Through chain links against sky azure blue.

And I sigh at the thought of such beauty
So far away like a thin fragile dream
Wishing with all of my tenderized heart
Such treasures for your Sweet 15.

Please remember that love lives in moments
And moments rush by like soft breeze
Don’t be shy when your heart wants to touch those close by
But build your life on such sweet memories.

Shapiro 9/30/2010


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